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Indian Culture

Culture & Heritage

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Go Samrakshana

Rural & Social Assistance

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  • Annadanam & Bhakshanam
  • Northeast Development
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  • Agriculture

In the cause of India's Culture and Heritage

India has a pride of place in the world for its unique culture and heritage. Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust is working towards preserving and propagating our culture, especially among the youth.

Vedic heritage

Deva Puja- Supporting our temples

Our ancient temples are an essential feature of our Bharata Desha. Deva Puja is a scheme to help the pujaris who serve in temples, especially in remote and rural areas

Support Temples - Deva Puja

Vishwavidya- a scholarship scheme

Education is a key enabler for the individual, and helps in the progress of the society and Nation. Vishwavidya Scholarship scheme aims to provide financial support to the needy students to pursue education, including Higher Education in various streams including Arts, Science, Languages, Engineering and Technology, Commerce, Ayurveda etc.

Some of the key projects are listed below :